Vaiva the Planner

the collaborative

travel planning tool

Vaiva is the all-in-one app for organising your travel related information.

Travelling can be a chaotic process.

Booking information scattered across different websites, messy spreadsheets, the list goes on.
The solution? Vaiva.

Create a fully detailed travel plan, solo or with friends.

Invite your friends to your travel plan so you can build an itinerary together. Organise all your bookings and travel related information in an elegant, easy to follow feed.
Flights. Accomodation. Activities. Sorted.

Organise your
photos in Vaiva.

Import photos to your travel plan and attach them to your activities or locations. Publish a journal at the end of your trip showcasing your experience. Post a carousel as you go to keep your followers updated.

Be inspired.

Inspire your next experience by exploring locations and activities from other Vaiva travellers. Immerse yourself in a world of thrilling activities and cultural encounters by drawing inspiration from fellow adventurers within the Vaiva community.

Attach tickets
and barcodes.

No more frantically searching for bookings through your emails at check-in. All your information in the same place at the same time.

Stay on top of
your expenses.

Vaiva helps you track your expenses as you go. Create personal budgets and know how much you’ve spent with our expense tracker. Split bills with friends and ensure you’re squared up by keeping track of who paid for what.

Stay organised
with scrapbook.

Create a packing list, journal, activities list and attach important documents.

We’re giving you 7 days free access to Vaiva Pro:

  • Collaborative trips
  • Expenses section
  • Importing tickets + documents
  • Multiple trips
  • Bento layout



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Billed & recurring monthly cancel anytime

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